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Everyone knows the old saying “the early bird catches the worm”...

...which basically means those who prepare to reap benefits in the long run. We live in a day and age where technology is surrounding us, and must choose either to reject it or embrace it. There are various ways technology can help us, and, one of the best ways we can use technology to our advantage is by having a portfolio website. 

1. Branding

Your branding is essentially your personality online. How do you want to represent yourself to the public and to potential employers? When you create your brand, you have a significant amount of control of how people will view you. It is always better to create the branding you want, rather than letting others create your brand for you. If you start a website that acts as a portfolio, it should reflect your character in a professional manner. Let others get a feel for your personality through your website, so when they first meet you, they feel as if they already know you. This can serve as a great asset.

2. Sell Yourself

By having a portfolio website, you have the option of selling yourself. For example, in my case, I am a freelance media content creator, and I use my website to promote myself by posting my previous projects, giving people a place to contact me, or allowing people to get a taste of my interests/personality/character. Even if you aren’t someone who creates media content, you may be a doctor who wants to share knowledge with others or a musician who wants to share their music with other people. It’s vital to remember to keep your contact information available everywhere so people can reach out to you! 

3. Accessibility to Portfolio

Finally, perhaps one of the most important reasons to have a website that functions as a portfolio is that it is accessible to everyone via the internet. You never know where you could meet a potential customer  With your online portfolio, all you need to do is share your URL so you can connect in the future. This cuts down the costs of abundant business cards (although I still suggest having them). An important tip is that your contact information should be central on your website so people don’t need to go searching for it. Strategically placement of content is a completely different topic and can be a blog post for another day, but remember it's especially important where you place your contact information.

– It’s Important to Have a Website

Today, we have greater access to tools, as well as family, friends, and others that can equip us to create and construct a website. There is no longer an excuse to not have a website that also functions as a portfolio. The costs are generally small and can eventually pay off by getting you potentially recognized and employed in the future. Whether you are still in college, just graduating, or well into your career, having a website can allow you to contribute to your community and also allow your community to support you. So go, take initiative, and start planning on how you want your website portfolio to take shape.