Take a look at some of my thoughts

Social Media… I have a love-hate relationship with you. There are days that I wish I didn’t have social media, but other days I love it.

I struggle with social media because I honestly can’t find content that I want to put online. There is this idea that we all need to put our best times, our best memories on social media, but I don’t know if I want that. I like being real. Nobody’s life is completely perfect. We all have hard times, bad days, and just posting the best of the best creates ideas in other people’s lives that we are perfect, which is a lie. I’m not saying we should be posting the worst of the worst either, and posting average, everyday things isn’t bad... but there is a problem with that.

Average, everyday things just don’t bring the best engagement. And that’s the problem that I face - of course I want to have good engagement, but I also want to be real with myself. So, I just barely post. I’m also really insecure about what I want to post. I can create a potential post, but I either can’t make a good caption or I just overthink it to the point where I just abandon ship.

That’s what I hate about social media, but I manage social media accounts for a few organizations, and I absolutely love it. I love making organizations look the best they can because that is simply good marketing. I don’t need to market myself because I’m just some dude living in the greater New York City area. Yes, I have my own business where I construct websites and manage social media for people and organizations, but I want my work to be the best marketing tool I have. 

At the end of the day (which is the time I’m writing this blog post) I still face my original problem… I don’t post on social media. I want to have a better social media presence. I know how to do it: I just want to be real, post the average, everyday things, but that’s not engaging, or at least I think the everyday things I do won’t be engaging. One of these days I’m just gonna do it, just post the average, everyday things, but until that day, I’m stuck with my boring, non-posting social media accounts.