Take a look at some of my thoughts

When I was in those terrible years that everyone hates, middle school, I found one of my biggest passions in life. 

I discovered that I love working with organizations, especially nonprofits, and spread the word of what they do. I think my passion sparked from going to a private school that did not have all these stereotypical private school norms. We didn't have the latest computers, smartboards in every classroom, or have rich kids in every grade. The truth is we were just ordinary people going to a school that shared the truth. When I realized that, I wanted to do everything I could to help my school do better in everything we could, especially in communicating their mission.

I find it a lot of fun helping organizations communicate what they do to the world. I want to see everyone practice better communication skills for the simple reason of us all not misunderstanding us so much. Especially in today's world, we see all this nonsense, we need to communicate in a way that shows love for each other.


It comes down to communication

The reason why so many organizations and nonprofits struggle so much with communicating their message with the world is that they don't know how to do it! You need to have some sort of plan with communication to share your mission with the world. You don't even need to pay much to begin with, either! You can start simple:

  • Buy a strategic domain and have a good website
  • Use social media platforms
  • Create good relations with your consumers

 Even with these three small steps you will be communicating who you are much better. It's always better to start small with your communication outlets. There is nothing worse that having many outlets and not being able to manage them due to time restraints or sheer laziness. It's best to work your way up to having more communication platforms as time progresses.


Middle school wasn't so bad

At the end of the day, I guess Middle School wasn't so bad after all. I ended up learning what one of my biggest passions were. I definitely had some trial and error periods, some of which I can look back and laugh on now. If we don't learn from our mistakes, our mistakes were a total waste. One of the best things you can do is keep a record of everything, mistakes and successes. Then in five years when you're like me, you can share all the wisdom only you have with the world :)