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Just like everything else in life, social media platforms have life cycles.

For example, Pew Research tells us that Gen Z are more likely to use Instagram in comparison to Millennials. This is a clear representation of how each generation gravitates towards a specific platform. What does that mean for people who want to be successful on social media platforms? You must keep adapting to new trends and platforms.


Blockbuster. Many of us remember going Blockbuster to rent movies for a weekend, but others don’t even remember their existence. It seems like it hasn’t been that long since they were around, but a lot has changed since then. Back in their heyday, Blockbuster was a cultural icon. If you didn’t know what Blockbuster was you probably lived under a rock.

At one point at their peak, they even had the opportunity to purchase Netflix, but the CEO at the time believed that Netflix would never succeed. Unfortunately for Blockbuster, they were terribly wrong, which resulted in their demise. Blockbuster failed to change as the culture and generations changed. They assumed that just because they had always done things a specific way it would be successful. This can be a very dangerous thought. We shouldn’t do things just because we’ve always done it that way. When we do that we risk being just a memory of the past. That’s why Blockbuster is a prime example. When they eventually realized the potential in online streaming, it was too late for them.


Disney+ is one of the newest streaming service platforms to join the world. Disney+ was able to recognize the success that companies like Hulu and Netflix had, and created a platform for themselves. They understood where their target audience was and created a place that they knew would be successful. 


It’s important to ask yourself “What platforms I should use?” I suggest determining where your target audience is first. Once you recognize where those people spend time, you should join that platform and create a following. This will make it easier for you to reach the target audience. If you are trying to attract Millennials and Gen Z, I would suggest using Instagram as your main social media platform. It’s okay if you want to have other platforms, but put your main focus on your main platform. At the same time, I encourage you to constantly be observing what is going on in your surroundings. Is the platform changing in any way? How should I respond? ALWAYS KEEP ASKING QUESTIONS! Don’t become complacent in your ways. This is very dangerous with social media. Just look at the past ten years of social. In that time, Facebook was the main platform, Instagram grew, Vine died, somewhere in the middle Snapchat remained, and TikTok was born. I know it can get overwhelming, but staying on top of these things is important. Don’t burn yourself out on social media, but be proactive.