Bergen County Christian Academy

ClientBergen Christian
SkillsWebsite & Branding

Project Detail

After previously partnering with the sponsoring church–Hackensack Gospel Church, school leaders reached out to develop and design a new website that would effectively match their branding. This project consisted of rebranding, web design, and promotional materials. One of the biggest aspects for the new website was to strategically create content geared toward prospective families. The former website had many target audiences such as current families, prospective families, students, parents, etc. As a result, we decided it would be best to create the website as a way to promote the school and mostly engage with prospective families.


The old website had too much information. There were pages for current students, parents, and prospective families. This resulted in information overload for perspective families. 

  • Over fifty webpages
  • Too many files resulting in slow loadspeed
  • Unmatched branding


The solution was to create a website that primarily targeted prospective families. Information for current families and students was moved to a separate website where parents can access information safely and securely. The old logo was revised to look more modern and visually appealing.