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Hawthorne, NJ

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Hawthorne Christian Academy is a Christian school located in North Jersey.

They educate approximately 400 students per year in their 3 schools.

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Hawthorne Christian Academy needed a brand new website after its previous design had many glitches and was extremely disorganized.

Target the Audience

For this website, we wanted to gear much of the content to the prospective families – similar to other projects I've worked on. As a result, each page is specially crafted to relate to prospective families. I had the privilege of working with the Office of Admissions to design these messages to appeal to people who were not familiar with HCA.

We were very focused to make sure that all messages did not use or have any acronyms or terms that people who were unfamiliar with HCA would get confused with. This was extremely important as that had been done in the past.

Promotional Video

In addition to a brand new website, I also partnered with Hawthorne Christian Academy to create a new promotional video for the Office of Admissions.

Those videos have yet to be released to the public. Once they are released, they will be available to view on this website as well.