The Politics of Media

The Politics of Media

How Technologies are Reshaping our Current Political and Cultural Landscape
Technology is transforming the political and cultural landscapes of the globe. In this research, careful observation is made towards the global and transnational flow of media and information along with the technological infrastructure that it relies on to communicate those messages. Furthermore, this paper investigates the discrimination that media and technologies have on people, especially in the Global South. Historical accounts are used to guide and explain how the past has resulted in current-day discrimination – particularly regarding the aforementioned infrastructure. From a political perspective, this paper also observes how governments use technology for protecting national security. Through previous scholarly literature and essays, this paper attempts to discover how technology is used in today’s political and cultural landscape.

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Meet David

David Tierney is media communication scholar. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Strategic Media. He holds his BA in Global Communication & Media, and his MA in Media, Culture, & Communication from NYU.

Most recently, he’s been serving as the Director of Marketing & Communication at Bergen County Christian Academy in Hackensack, NJ – where under his tenure they have seen a growth in enrollment by over 60%.