Digital Media Literacy

Digital Media Literacy

Wikipedia and its Place in the Classroom

The rise of fake news and false information–particularly in the previous U.S. Presidential Elections–has reignited the discourse on digital media literacy in the educational arena. Critical development must take place should the modern digitally centric society continue to function democratically. New methods on digital media literacy have been uncovered. These newer methods focus on project-based learning and hands-on activities that directly guide and instruct students. This paper looks at how Wikipedia can play a positive role in the digital media literacy educational experience.

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Meet David

David Tierney is media communication scholar. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Strategic Media. He holds his BA in Global Communication & Media, and his MA in Media, Culture, & Communication from NYU.

Most recently, he’s been serving as the Director of Marketing & Communication at Bergen County Christian Academy in Hackensack, NJ – where under his tenure they have seen a growth in enrollment by over 60%.